Group size

Please inform us of any change in numbers between the time of confirmation and the stay itself. After confirmation of your booking, a drop in numbers of maximum 10% is allowed. Any increase in numbers must be requested and is subject to availability at the time of the request.

Please note that we can only accept groups of minimum 25 passengers. If your final group number reduces below this, payment for 25 beds will still be required.

Sole occupancy

Please find below the minimum of numbers required in order to have sole use of the accommodation.

Accommodation Capacity Sole us from* Rooms
 The Menin Gate 54 pax 35 pax 12 (4 floors)
 The Poppies 1 75 pax 45 pax 17 (3 floors)
 The Poppies 2 59 pax 40 pax 13 (4 floors)
 The Salient 102 pax 70 pax 20 (4 floors)
 Old School Haringe 63 pax 45 pax 13 (1 floor)
 The Poppies Albert 196 pax 45 pax / floor 48 (3 floors)

* If you request sole occupancy of the accommodation or floor (Albert) when you confirm your booking and the group subsequently fails to reach the minimum number required for sole occupancy, we will still charge the group for this number of beds.


We reserve the right to move your group to one of our other properties. You will be informed of any changes if this is the case. The alternative accommodation will be in the same town as your originally booked accommodation and will have the same facilities and prices.

Deposit payment

The deposit must be paid within 4 weeks of receipt of the deposit note. In case of non-payment within this period, we reserve the right to cancel your option. The deposit is non-refundable in case of a full cancellation of the booking. By paying the deposit, you agree with our terms & conditions.

Invoice payment

Your final payment must reach us by the day before arrival at the latest. Should your final payment not be received on time, we reserve the right to consider your reservation as cancelled.

If final payment after arrival has been agreed, invoices should be paid on the invoice due date at the latest. All late payments are subject to extra costs (minimum 2%).

Multiple invoices can be paid through the same bank transfer.

Payment methods

  • Bank transfer : our bank details can be found below.
  • Cheque : only international cheques (in Euro) are accepted. Cheques in sterling can be refused by our bank. Please add € 30 bank costs if you pay by cheque.
  • Credit Card: we do not accept payment by credit card
Ypres / Haringe Albert
 IBAN  BE32 0015 3165 9302  BE32 0015 4501 6202
 ADDRESS  Hoge Wieltjesgracht 1
8900 Ieper
 1 bis, Rue du 8 May 1945
80300 Albert

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking at any time. Cancellation charges will depend on the time of your cancellation and whether you are cancelling the entire group or some the group participants.

Time of cancellation Costs
 Before booking confirmation No charge
 After confirmation and more than 2 weeks before arrival Entire group cancels: as stated above, deposits are non-refundable.
Group numbers reduce less than 10%: final invoice will be based on the final group size
Group numbers drop more than 10%: up to 10% will be deducted from the total bed price (with a minimum of 25 beds being charged). All extra cancelled beds will be charged. The number of meals charged will be adjusted on the final invoice based on the numbers arriving.
 After confirmation and less than 2 weeks before arrival Entire group cancels: full payment required based on the numbers on the final invoice
Group numbers drop: the invoice cannot be updated anymore.